Solutions for humans with data.

I do product, engineering, and run teams. I am experienced at aligning business strategy with technical implementation and user needs. For over 15 years I have mainly worked with companies and organizations that are broadly interested in social good.

  • I prefer work environments that are transparent and collaborative
  • I prefer roles that are multidisciplinary and fluid
  • I prefer to work in service of strategic, mission-driven goals

As a leader, I've developed strategy, raised funds, closed deals, and innovated for clients. I've run teams from 10-40 people.

As a builder, I've designed and implemented user interfaces, scalable web servers, AI-driven chatbots, platforms for data management and analysis, and e-commerce systems.

Key achievements

I have consulted for some of the largest philanthropic organizations globally on data management and data strategy.

I co-authored of a range of data specifications called Frictionless Data. These specifications have been widely adopted in the open data and reproducible research sectors.

I was the co-steward representative for the CKAN Project, the leading solution for governments, and increasingly the private sector, for data cataloging and metadata management.

I co-authored a paper on data management practices for the World Bank called "A Frictionless Approach for Statistics and SDG Indicators".

I have created and contributed to many open source projects, primarily related to data engineering and data management for the public sector.

Key engagements

I am currently a Chief Technology Officer at Link Digital, delivering meaningful change for our clients with open data and open source.

Previously, I was Senior Product Manager at Zencity. My daily work is a mix of product management and software engineering on new products. I created an open source 311 request management system called GovFlow, and also created a new survey product called Experience Surveys.

Prior to that, I was Chief Executive Officer at Datopian. I closed large enterprise contracts, designed complex data management solutions, and successfully delivered a complete rebrand. This role was a continuation of my CTO role at Open Knowledge International, as Datopian is a commercial spinoff.

Prior to that, I was Chief Technology and Product Officer at Open Knowledge International, a global non-profit that works with government, business and civil society on open data and open knowledge projects towards data-driven social change.

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